A note from Victoria…

Hello! I’m Victoria and I have the pleasure of running the studio. As a mother of two myself I understand the importance of capturing precious memories and timeless photographs. We all know that when you become a parent time goes too quickly but being able to look back on photographs of my children takes me right back to those moments. There’s something really magical about sparking old memories from their childhood. Sometimes it makes you smile, sometimes you might even shed a tear but there’s no doubting the emotions that can be evoked through a powerful photograph. Just like a particular smell, or a song, a photograph really can take you right back in time.

Taking that into consideration, I really do count myself as being very lucky to do what I do. It’s nothing short of a privilege and honour for a family to trust you to create beautiful images of their children. And what makes it even sweeter is that more often than not families will return to me time and time again to capture those all important milestone moments. Being able to watch families change and grow really is special!

I hope to welcome you and your family to Sweet Pea Photography soon!

With love,

Signed Victoria

We were so delighted with our photographs of Florrie and will treasure them forever! I was a little apprehensive about being photographed breastfeeding but you made me feel at ease straight away and there is always a lovely relaxed atmosphere in your studio.

We are so pleased that you are doing our wedding photography! Thank you!

Shirley Vaughan, Porthcawl

My two children loved having their photos done by Victoria at Sweet Pea. The shoot was very relaxed and they felt very comfortable at the shoot and as a result we got some amazing photos!

Josie, Newport

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